Presidential Scoops - Flavors

JFK’s America’s Birthday Cake

Cake batter chunks in Basset’s vanilla ice cream with colorful candy pieces

Washington’s Vanilla Beans

Classic vanilla bean ice cream made with Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Cleveland’s Cool Chocolate

Made to order with the finest Dutch Cocoa chocolate flavors

Nixon’s Cookies & Cream Crumbles

A delightful blend of chocolate cookie crumbles and Bassetts vanilla ice cream

Trump’s Extra Rich Chip 

We took our classic vanilla bean ice cream and enhanced its flavor by carefully embedding the mixture with cookie dough bits & chocolate chunks

Lincoln’s Decadent Pretzel

A culinary masterpiece of Basset’s vanilla bean ice cream with chunky chocolate covered pretzels drizzled with decadent salted caramel

Jefferson’s Monticello Guatemalan Ripple

This one-of-a-kind flavor is a Guatemalan-sourced coffee ice cream with a mocha fudge ripple, blended with mini coffee-filled chocolates

FDR’s Raspberry Delight

Raspberry sorbet is a refreshing, fruity dessert made with Basset’s special sorbet recipe.

Teddy’s Moose Tracks

Delicious Bassetts Ice Cream swirled with famous moose track fudge and loaded with peanut butter cups

Reagan’s Raspberry Truffle 

A blend of our vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce, and chocolate truffles filled with raspberry that will leave a lasting impression

Obama’s Strawberry Jubilee

Take a stroll down memory lane with our blissful strawberry ice cream with bountiful strawberries in every bite

Bush’s Best Banana

Smooth Bassetts ice cream made with delicious, ripe bananas

Coolidge’s Mint Chocolate Chip

This ice cream has chocolate chunks all blended together in mint ice cream. One word, Classic!

Trumango Apricot Sorbet

This premium sorbet is made with a blend of Mango and Apricot puree that would satisfy that fresh summer taste you are looking for.

Carter’s Patriotic Peanut

Can be likened to a waltz of classic vanilla partnered with North Carolinian peanut butter: smooth, special, and memorable!

Pierce Pistachio

Wonderful Bassetts pistachio ice cream made with whole pistachio nuts.

Let Us Cater Your Event

What could be more fun than hosting an ICE CREAM PARTY! Who doesn’t LOVE ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY, and there is scientific evidence to prove that the emotional pleasure part of our brain lites up with every sweet taste!

We are more than a catering division, we are THE STARS & STRIPES’ SCOOPOLOGISTS, Ice Cream Event Party Planners who are ready to design what best fits the occasion you envision. Or, perhaps you will choose from several of our pre-packaged PRESIDENTIAL TASTING ROOM menus. Full- service for 2 hours and we take care of everything.

Big chunks of chocolate blended in Bassetts mint ice cream, makes for a refreshing indulgence. #wednesdaywisdom
about 3 years ago | @prezscoops


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