About Us


The White House, the residence and workplace of the President of the United States, is just blocks away from Presidential Scoops, the historically unique Washington DC Ice Cream Shop that is serving happiness scoop by scoop.

Presidential Scoops is not only making America Sweet Again, but is delivering much more than an ice cream experience.We offer a blend of presidential history mixed in with some cool facts about ice cream that may surprise you and then hand scoop the ultimate ice cream cone for your pleasure.


Jim Warlick, the owner of Presidential Scoops, recognized that this American love affair started with our Founding Fathers and has continued through the centuries, remaining a sweet indulgence by our modern day Presidents.
Presidential Scoops is the culmination of Jim’s love of politics and his hobby of collecting political memorabilia since he was 12 yrs. old and his personal love of ice cream.

It was only time before he and his staff came up with Presidential Scoops, the first ice cream shop dedicated to the history of Presidents eating their favorite ice creams, and to be directly across from the White House was an opportunity that needed to be seized. Especially, so close to his other DC businesses–White House Gifts and Presidential Gallery which are directly across the street from the White House in Washington, DC. and a favorite of visitors.

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Jim started his first company, Political Americana in 1980, designing and printing campaign buttons, flyers, stickers, brochures, and even chad memorabilia after the 2000 presidential campaign. Jim became one of America’s premier designers of old style campaign buttons with over 2,000 different designs for over one dozen presidential campaigns and hundreds of congressional, Gubernatorial and local candidates…and, many historic events like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedication.

Warlick has been featured in many national news stories on TV and print since 1980. The USA Button Poll he developed has predicted correctly since 1988 each presidential winner based on button sales (except for 2000). The Supreme Court took that correct prediction away.

Jim now has one of the country’s largest collections of JFK memorabilia including the last auto that Kennedy rode in successfully in Ft. Worth on November 22nd, 1963, and his official White House armored limousine. The JFK Experience is displayed around the country and includes First Ladies’ Gowns, Oval Office and personal artifacts of JFK.

With all the rancor and division in our country, Jim thought we should lighten the atmosphere around politics and that is why the moniker was chosen; “Making America Sweet Again”…the only taste sensation we want to leave in your mouth is one of sweetness. This is Presidential Scoops!

A world class ice cream is provided by the popular BASSETTS of Philadelphia, a family run business since 1861, that is a delight to the most discriminating of ice cream lovers. Five generations of ice cream makers who have sold ice cream to past Presidents who raved about the taste and experience.

America was built on choice. Choose your president, choose your ice cream flavor, and be part of Presidential History and be sure to stop by for an historic taste of Presidential Scoops. Bound to put a cool taste on your tongue and leave you with a warm feeling about your fellow Americans…